Angeliki Goudeli

Psychologist and Synthetic Psychotherapist Angeliki Goudeli maintains Epignosis Counseling and Psychotherapy Center in Glyfada, where she provides a range of psychological support and treatment services related to food intake, obesity, psychopathology, e.t.c.


Why is it so valuable?

You may have heard many mental health professionals use the expression “self-awareness”. What the ancient Greeks referred to when they said “know thyself”. Awareness is an integral part of any personal search as it leads to personal growth. It is this whole emotional and mental process that helps improve the quality of our lives. As we better understand ourselves, we are able to appreciate our pros, recognize our cons and thus feel better about our self and our choices. We improve our interaction with others, we feel more confident and secure.

Although the desire to know and improve oneself seems to be a natural human tendency, it is something that many people postpone. We often say "I will deal with my issues when I have more time, when I have more money, when I retire”! As we avoid knowing ourselves, we may end up disappointed with our lives, work, our partner, friends, family, generally by our choices. Because they have been made without knowing - at least not consciously - what it is we want and therefore they leave us feeling incomplete or unsatisfied.

As we systematically ignore our inner needs, we acquire various symptoms, either physical or psychological. The value of awareness is twofold, since on a psychological level it provides both the motivation to improve our understanding of our selves, as well as the goal of becoming all we can be. Awareness gradually brings a more complete sense of existence as it inevitably affects every aspect of our life.